Our Services

PHP Personal Training is a customized experience unlike any other. Our trainers are highly skilled, highly credentialed, and offer undivided attention. Utilizing a unique combination of exercise machines, cardiovascular training, and movement/skill-based exercise, our comprehensive methods maximize progress and help clients reach their full potential.

The PHP Personal Training process can assist with;

  • Increased Strength
  • Improved Body Composition
  • Increased Mobility
  • Prevention of Chronic Injuries 
  • Poor Posture 
  • Degenerative Joint Pain  
  • Osteoporosis 
  • Reduced Diabetes Risk
  • Reduced Cardiovascular Disease Risk 
  • Inflammation Resolution

Our step-by-step process

We use a multi-step process with testing procedures designed to track the progress and emerging needs of our clients. Our proprietary process is the basis of who we are, and the reason we have a success rate that is second to none.

Step 1. Consultation

To create a personalized exercise program, we must learn everything we can about each client. Our process begins with an in-depth interview including medical and exercise history, training goals, expectations, and preferences.

Step 2. Evaluation

To ensure the safety and effectiveness of an exercise program, we collect baseline data through biomechanical and health assessments. This step includes stress testing, strength testing, a range of motion evaluation, and aerobic capacity measurements.

Step 3. Data Analysis

Through analyzing the evaluation data, we are able to identify areas of strength and potential deficits. This information is used to develop an exercise plan that targets the specific needs of each client.

Step 4. Exercise Prescription

A customized exercise prescription is devised from the evaluation and data analysis processes. This prescription serves as a roadmap and determines the parameters of exercise application.

Step 5. Implementation

Working one on one with our trainers, clients will carry out the exercise prescription with full supervision and coaching. Our expertise ensures the safety and efficiency of the exercise program.

Step 6. Re-Evaluation

All clients are carefully re-evaluated to track and measure progress towards their goals. This process provides detailed insight into the accuracy of the exercise prescription and confirms its success or need for modification.